Protetores de Tela

A Protek acredita na alta qualidade de seus produtos, e oferece garantia vitalicia nos protetores de tela ultra-fino e Anti-Brilho..

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Protetor de Tela TV

Nossa linha de protetores de LCD foi desenvolvida com um material acrilico (otico-grade solida) que aumenta 10 vezes a resistencia do vidro contra impacto.

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Electronic Covers

Protek offers a wide selection of screen protectors for electronic equipment including cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and pos devices.

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Custom Orders

For a list of all screen protectors available, If we do not have the screen protector you need, we can custom cut one for you.

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Proteja o que é seu!

A Protek International é uma empresa líder na fabricação, distribuição e fornecimento de películas protetoras de telas. Uma linha destinada a celulares smarts phones, tablets, notebooks, cãmeras e diversos outros dispositivos eletrônicos. Procurando expandir nossa linhas de produtos oferecemos películas e protetores de tela de alta qualidade contra riscos para revendedores, lojas, distribuidores, consumidores em todo o mundo. ;
  • Exact fit for your device

  • Smooth Finish

  • Scratch Resistant Coating

  • Non-adhesive Backing

  • No Sticky residue

  • Bubble Free

Protek Clients & Testimonials

More then 10,000 Happy Customers

  • When I purchased my iPhone I immediately wanted some protection for the screen to minimize scratches, cracks, etc. I have many friends with cracked screens and didn't want my new phone to end up looking like that. I really like the product and the protection that it offers. A great investment for iPhone users.
    Happy Client
  • This is my first iPhone & I got the 5s in grey. I did not want to put a case on it because of the color so I got this screen protector for both sides of my phone. I have already dropped my phone and nothing has happened to it!!! I was worried since I've heard stories about iPhone screens breaking, but this protector is amazing!
    Happy Customer
  • Great product for what it's needed for. Very reliable & good value for the price.
    Happy Customer
  • I love knowing my iPhone is protected!! I can't live without it!!
    Happy Customer
  • Like it, and have no problems with it, it's does fully cover the screen from side to side. great product, a must buy for anyone!!!
    Happy Customer
  • You shouldn't even leave the store with your touchscreen device without one. I've had a lot of close calls where the shield kept the screen from breaking and seen other's phones crack at the slightest accident. Don’t' be a fool!
    Happy Customer
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  • Protek Ultra-Clear

    Protek Ultra-Clear

    Our most popular line is the Ultra-Clear screen protectors. This protector enhances the color while providing a sharper view with virtually no loss in clarity.

  • Anti-Glare


    Unlike most other screen protectors on the market, Protek’s Anti-Glare screen protectors not only have a scratch resistant coating but are also fingerprints resistant as well.

  • 4-Way Privacy

    4-Way Privacy

    Protek Privacy screen protectors give you privacy protection while also offering scratch resistant protection for your phone or tablet.

  • Mirror


    Protek mirror screen protectors give you device a trendy look while offering scratch resistant protection for your screen.

  • Tempered Glass

    Tempered Glass

    9H hardness body with hard coating treatment on the surface prevents scratches, wearing, hipping and cracking, way more durable than normal screen protectors

  • Vision


    Films can be easily cleaned and reapplied after use

  • Anti-Shock


    A truly amazing product that will give extra lifespan to your device

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We can even custom design products for you

All Protek Screen Protectors are:

Exact fit for your device 100%
Smooth Finish 100%
Scratch Resistant Coating 100%
Non-adhesive Backing 100%
No Sticky residue 100%
Bubble Free 100%
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When it comes to touch screens, nothing tops the functionality, feel and clarity of glass. Protek Premium Glass Screen Protector sets the standard in protection. Made from a special chemically-tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel, quality is ensured with a smudge-resistant coating, coupled with high touch sensitivity. Protek’s Ultra-thin Tempered glass screen protector is precisely cut for your device or tablet and will become a perfect combination to your screen design with rounded borders and smooth edges, keeping your screen safe.

  • 9H hardness body with hard coating treatment on the surface prevents scratches, wearing, chipping and cracking, way more durable than normal screen protectors.
  • Ultra-clear body will bring you HD visual experience.
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic treatment.
  • Anti-fingerprint.
  • 100% bubble free.
These protectors’ covers come in either an Ultra-Clear for smaller monitor screens and Anti-Glare for larger Screens especially on a reflective finish.
  • Exact fit for your device

  • Smooth Finish

  • Scratch Resistant Coating

  • Non-adhesive Backing

  • No Sticky residue

  • Bubble Free

Protek can help you expand your product line if you are a retail store or distributor. We offer screen protectors for all the popular devices on the market and we are constantly updating our catalog. All of our screen protectors come in four different options: Ultra-Clear, Anti-Glare, Mirror and 4-Way Privacy. With all these choices, we guarantee your customers will have the option they are look for.
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Protek International is a leading screen protector manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer for smart cell phones, tablets, notebooks, cameras and many other electronics devices. We offer high-quality scratch resistant screen protector films to retail stores looking to expand their product line, distributors, re-sellers and consumers worldwide. We offer wholesale competitive pricing for our wide range of products such as; Ultra-Clear, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Glare, Mirror, Privacy, Explosion-Proof, Diamond etc. which are: Exact fit for your device Smooth Finish Scratch Resistant Coating Non-adhesive Backing No Sticky residue Bubble Free

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